Yoga on the beach

I’ve been exercising regularly for the past 35 years. I lived in Chicago for 25 years and for 19 of those years, I was a member of Courts Plus. I learned the American group exercise version of Pilates and Yoga (called Piyo) in 2009 and have been practicing it ever since.

I tried several simple moves on the inviting sand at Narra. The wind was howling from the east. The waves were coming fast and furious. The heavy sand (since it was drenched with water) made me feel more grounded than usual. (The last remark will make sense to yoga practicioners.)

The amihan was loud enough to drown out conversation.

Rasa Island in the background (bird paradise)

Plank, for 60 seconds

How's my form Courts Plus?

Downward-facing Dog

Reverse Plank, trying hard in the last few seconds for the camera

After working out...

Later that day, we saw some lovers:

Young lovers (and why aren't they at school?)

And were startled by beach revelers:

Beach Revelers speeding by

Beach Revelers bidding us good-bye!

There were other kids:

Kids frolicking in the waves

And by sunset, the water had receded:

[Click on this or any other image to enlarge it.]

Similar view taken late-afternoon


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