Airlines that serve Palawan

As of April 2011, Palawan’s capital, Puerto Princesa, is serviced by four airlines.

Cebu Pacific

Puerto Princesa Airport Palawan Cebu Pacific

Puerto Princesa Airport -- Cebu Pacific


Puerto Princesa Airport Palawan AirPhilExpress

Puerto Princesa Airport -- AirPhilExpress


Puerto Princesa Palawan ZestAir

Puerto Princesa Airport -- ZestAir

The fourth airline is Philippine Air Lines (PAL) which didn’t happen to have a plane sitting on the tarmac that particular hour that I left.

Fare Comparison

I’ve only used CebuPacific but my impression, time and again, is that it has the least expensive fares. I say “time and again” because before every time I fly I canvas the websites of its competitors. I’m going to stop doing that soon since the results (that CebuPacific is the least expensive) have been consistent.

The most aggressive competitor appears to be CebuPacific. It advertises promotional fares every month.

Website Experience

Since I’ve only flown CebuPacific, it means that I’ve gone as far as booking and paying for a flight on only one website — theirs. Their website can be frustrating to use. I used to be work extensively with website designers in the area of usability testing. As the term suggests, I tested the usability of websites. Usability runs the gamut from functionality to robustness to compatibility.

  • Functionality: CebuPacific’s site allows you to do the basic stuff, namely, search for seats and book yourself on a flight.
  • Robustness: the site returns unexpected error messages that stop the traveler in his tracks. If I run into the same error message again, I switch to another web browser.
  • Compatibility: I use a Mac and it works with all the major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari as well as with Camino. (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is not available for the Mac platform and I’ve stopped using Opera.)

Fare Comparison

Fares vary at a granular level. (See below. Click on the image to enlarge it.) That means that fares will vary, often significantly, from flight to flight, not to mention, from day to day. This is where it pays to be flexible.

CebuPacific Air ticket fares

CebuPacific's fares taken from a screen shot 2011-04-13 at 9.20.09 AM

Return Trip to Manila

2011 March 15 CebuPacific Air flight

2011 March 15 -- aboard my CebuPacific flight

Airport Terminal Fee

The fee is currently Php 40 (forty pesos, about one US dollar).

"Puerto Princesa" Airport Terminal Fee Ticket

Puerto Princesa Airport's Terminal Fee Ticket

You’ll have fun paying for it.


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