Provincial Map of the Philippines

This map shows most of the country’s 80 provinces. Several provinces are not displayed for some reason. For example, Batanes, the northermost province, is neither displayed nor identified.

Philippines Map Provincial Provinces

Source: City Government of Puerto Princesa

Here’s another map from Wikipedia.

Provincial Map Philippines

Source: Wikipedia & WikiCommons

Quick Stats

Some quick stats from the CIA Factbook:

  • Land Area: 300,000 square kilometers
  • Coastline: 36,000 kilometers
  • Population: 102 million (July 2011 estimate)
  • Median Age: 23 years

Did you know that Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines? The following stats came from Wikipedia & the country’s National Statistics Office:

  • Area: 17,000 square kilometers
  • Population: 900,000 (August 2007)
  • Population of Puerto Princesa: 220,000 (August 2007)

What about the rest of the province, i.e., excluding Puerto Princesa? Again, according to the NSO, the two most and two least populous municipalities are:

  • Narra: 63,000
  • Brooke’s Point: 62,000
  • El Nido: 30,000
  • Balabac: 30,000

One surprising statistic: the median age in Palawan is only 18 years!

You can enlarge these maps!

Enlarge Images

Click on the image's final resolution (oval).


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