360 Restobar

I lived in the States for 25 years. Almost every year, since 1988, I returned for a visit but since the visits were only two weeks long, I never really became familiar with the term “Restobar.”

Which is more important, the Resto part or the Bar? I think the Resto is. I would rather eat well than drink well.

Anyway, I ate at the 360 Restobar in Emerald Beach–Palawan Microtel’s location. (Playa is Spanish for beach.)

Emerald Playa (Microtel)

Emerald Beach is nine kilometers north of the airport. It has a wide beachfront. I haven’t toured it yet but then again I’m only talking about its restobar.

Roy Pena, resort president and general manager, figured it correctly. Since this restaurant was the one the resort would be associated with, it had to complement (and compliment!) the surroundings. And above all, serve good food. Bong Velasco, owner of 360 along Makati Ave. in Makati, was recommended.

Good meal! For 430 bucks (dividing 1,300 between the three of us).

At current exchange rates, that’s US$ 10 or Euro 7. Per person. We had an appetizer, three entrees, and dessert. I was stuffed. Our meal below could have been shared by five, easily.

  • Appetizer – Salad
  • Entrees – Rice, Fish, Shrimp
  • Dessert – Pastry
Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar"

Mixed Green Pomelo Salad (The taste was confusing to me.)

Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar" "Lotus Rice"

Lotus Rice

Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar" "Lotus Rice"


Microtel "Emerald Playa" "360 Restobar" Pan-grilled Tanguigue Garlic

Pan-grilled Tanguigue with Garlic. This was GOOD!

Tanguigue or Tanigue is Pilipino for Spanish Mackerel. That’s a blue-ocean fish meaning that it roams the seven seas. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it after tasting it. Here’s a recipe and an image.

Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar"

Tiger Prawns with sweet chili sauce. (Crunchy good!)

And our drink?

Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar" "San Mig Light" Beer Philippines

All washed down with ice-cold San Mig Light!

Dessert was buchi. Inside was a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball.

Microtel "Emerald Plaza" "360 Restobar"

Ferrero-Rocher Chocolate Buchi (so-so I thought)

(Bong, I think a sweeter chocolate will appeal to more people. Also, the sesame seeds already provide the nuttiness.)  😉

Now, I’m a food critic! Since when? Now.

The men who made it possible.

"Roy Pena" "Bong Velasco" Microtel "Emerald Plaza"

Roy Pena (Emerald) & Bong Velasco (360)

Roy’s the president and GM of Emerald Playa. Bong, owner of 360 Restobar. Bong still operates its original location in Makati.

(Not pictured is Rene Suarez, resident manager of Microtel Puerto Princesa, and a good person to know.)

The resort’s full name is kinda long:

The Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park

Can you remember that? Well, neither can I.

Besides, if you’re going to take a trike (tricycle) or a multi-cab (which replaces the jeepney in Puerto),  you just say Microtel and they’ll know what you mean. Where? In Barangay San Jose.

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3 responses to “360 Restobar

  1. Hi sir! Emerald Beach has been known way before Microtel Puerto Princesa even came into existence. Try saying “Emerald Beach” to the trike or multi-cab driver and you’ll see:-) Thanks!


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