Petition to ban all mining activities in Palawan

I support the Save Palawan Movement.

Website "Help Save Palawan" "ABS-CBN Foundation"

Help Save Palawan!

The movement started with a recent death–the assassination of Palawan radio host, Gerry Ortega. In one sentence: Ortega was a vocal proponent against any form of mining in Palawan. He was assassinated while shopping for clothes. The gunman would have gotten away if not for a firetruck that happened to be passing by. (That’s not to say he wouldn’t have been caught. Rather, it was the big break that all law enforcement would like to happen at least once in a while.)

The cry was picked up by Ms. Gina Lopez–she of the Lopez family that owns ABS-CBN. Like other wealthy families, it has a foundation, ABS-CBN Foundation. The foundation pledges to provide support to the Filipino child. Through the family foundation, Ms. Lopez launched the Save Palawan movement. (Can’t be more direct than that!) The movement’s first task: to seek a permanent ban on mining.

We (including me) want to hit the goal that was declared in public: Ten million signatures! If we collect that many then we know that 10% of the country’s population want all forms of small- and large-scale commercial mining in Palawan stopped.

There are currently 429 mining applications in Palawan, said Lopez, and both provincial and national authorities seem inclined to grant them. This Lopez can’t understand. Palawan—and the rest of country—she explained, stand to earn much more from tourism and agriculture than from mining, even if many of the new investors climbing onto the P-Noy bandwagon are mining concerns.

<P-Noy> is the popular name of President Aquino. Ms. Lopez is saying that recently, many mining concerns are allying themselves with the president.

Filipinos living abroad should be able to sign. They’re stakeholders. They have an ancestral stake and many, like me, intend to return and retire here.

Where do I sign?

Right here.


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