Fuel Prices in Puerto Princesa City

Fuel Prices

  • Gas: regular unleaded is about 60 bucks per liter
  • Diesel: regular diesel is about 50 bucks per liter


I’ve noticed these brands around the city proper.

Refilling Procedure

I came from the land of self-service. So it was a pleasant change for me to be served.

The typical station in Puerto consists of a single bay. The bay may contain two pumps situated beside each other. The bay is staffed by attendants.

When you pull up, you can expect the attendant to greet you. You hand over your key and tell him or her how much you want to spend and your type of fuel. In the photo below I asked for a thousand bucks worth of regular unleaded. Regular unleaded is 60.53 per liter.

"Retired No Way"

Gasoline Station Pump in Palawan. The control panel at the bottom is for the pump attendant's use.

While the pump is filling your tank, don’t be surprised if the pump attendant offers to clean your windshield, or to check your tire pressure.

I always leave a tip for pumping the fuel–at least 5 bucks, up to 20. If they perform additional services, I give more.

Tomorrow: my guests from Manila. I take them to our family property then walk over to the lighthouse in Bancao-Bancao.


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