Construction Update: Robinson’s Mall in Puerto Princesa City

In February I reported on a major development impacting Palawan’s capital city: Robinson’s Mall.

It’s the first time that a major commercial property developer has acknowledged the potential of the province and acted on it. For city residents–and I count myself one of them now–it’s important because we’ll finally have more shopping choices.


Retailing in Puerto is dominated by the “NC” monopoly. New City Commercial Center (NCCC) or NC for short, is our local Walmart-cum-Costco. We go there for practically everything. Puerto does not have taxis. Instead it has hordes of tricycle drivers. To get a sense of its dominance, I’ve asked tricycle drivers how often they shuttle between any part of the city and NC. Inevitably they laugh and reply that they do it between 15 and 20 times a day. NC, they confirm, is the primary shopping destination of the city.

"This photo of NCCC in Puerto Princesa City was taken in late-July 2011." retirednoway

This photo of NCCC in Puerto Princesa City was taken in late-July 2011.

Robinson’s Mall

Once again, just like in February, I was wary of security guards who were quick to shoo me away when they noticed someone (me) taking pictures.

Compare this:

"Robinson's Mall" "Puerto Princesa" "Construction Update" "Retired No Way"

Robinson's Mall - Construction Update (mid-June 2011)

to this, taken four months earlier:

"Retired No Way" "Robinson's Mall" "Puerto Princesa"

Robinsons Place. Construction begins! Photo-2.

It appears that Robinson’s Mall may open in time for the holiday season 2011. Competition is good. It should drive prices down and may improve service.

GO Hotel

Robinson’s is also constructing a GO Hotel north of the mall. This will be the fourth GO hotel in the country. The first hotel is already operational in Mandaluyong (MetroManila). The other two locations are in Dumaguete City (Negros Oriental) and Tacloban (Leyte).

"GO Hotel" "Puerto Princesa" "Retired No Way"

GO Hotel's Puerto Princesa location under construction.

"GO Hotel" "Puerto Princesa" "Retired No Way"

GO Hotel's Puerto Princesa location

"Retired No Way" Robinson's

Along the National Highway facing south

Cooper’s Lament

I’m posting this from Cuyo. Nice island but terrible Internet connectivity. My patience is exhausted. I have no sense of humor left. ;-(

I’m going to do some snorkeling after this. I plan to depart for Puerto tonight.

"Retired No Way" Snarling

Snarling. Grrrr.


9 responses to “Construction Update: Robinson’s Mall in Puerto Princesa City

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  2. Talking about developments in this place in Palawan, has the city government done anything about the basic needs of the residents like water supply, electricity, drainage and traffic, to be able to meet the needs of an expanding city? I don’t think so !!!


    • I’ve only been a city resident for the past three months. In that brief period I can tell you that I’ve seen the city deliver the following services: (1) creation of new roads and (2) garbage pickup.

      What do you think?


  3. @Virginia I’m from Palawan and work in the City Government, upon your concern the reason why Puerto Princesa became Highly urbanized City because all of the basic necessity is already above standard 1.) Since 1990’s The water system here didn’t encounter any problem, every resident of the city has line of water provided by local water district, water is no problem here and no interruption of service not even once. 2.) Year ago the City experience brownout because the PALECO(Palawan Electric Cooperative) has been upgraded the system to meet the growing demand of the City, Years before Robinson, 168 Mall or Unitop Center been rise here. 3. The drainage system is 100% okay, the major drainage system here is large enough for you to walk inside it and the local government fixed all the minor drainage system and keep upgrading it. The drainage system is really okay here because Puerto Princesa didn’t experience any flood… 3. As the author said some new road has been built and some other fix… 4. When it comes to cleanliness and Garbage disposal Puerto Princesa is one of the best among the country even won several award abroad.. The City has strict law of anti-littering and the garbage collector has the routine to collect garbage 6 am and 8 pm around the City. The City will not be a HALL OF FAME award for CLEANEST AND GREENEST CITY!


  4. Hi! What is the latest update on the Go hotel and the Robinsons Mall? Will the hotel be ready for the holy week this April? How far is the hotel from the town center and the airport?
    Thank you very much.


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  6. actually Robinson’s was opened only recently, to be exact May 24, 2012. i should know, i was on the plane with two ladies from ever bilena beauty products who traveled to ppc on may 23 in time for the opening of Robinson’s the following day…


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