Pitaya, the Dragon Fruit

The street vendors called it Dragon Fruit. I had never heard of such a fruit so I tasted it. It was okay and just okay. It didn’t make me shiver with delight, as mangoes can do to me. So it wasn’t worth P150 per kilo to me. The vendor readily lowered it to P140 after I indicated no interest but I still wasn’t interested!

"Retired No Way" "Dragon Fruit" Pitaya Wikipedia

Pitaya, according to Wikipedia

This was at a fruit stand near Junction-1.

"Decline in Visits" "Retired No Way" "Dragon Fruit" "Fruit Stand"

Fruit Stand. The Dragon Fruit (or Pitaya) is in the foreground. In the background, left to right, I can see Langka, Atis, and Avocado.

City Streets

The city has two junctions: Junction-1 and Junction-2.

Junction-1 is at the city’s main intersection, where the Provincial Capitol building is, at the intersection of the National Highway and Rizal Ave. Those are the two main roads of Puerto Princesa.

Junction-1 "Rizal Ave" "National Highway" "Retired No Way" "Dragon Fruit"

Junction-1 (Rizal Ave. and National Highway)

Junction-2 is at the location where the National Highway divides into two: one northbound and the other southbound. It’s also the location of Palawan’s best hospital (which, by the way, is less than the best in the Philippines–St. Luke’s, Medical City, Makati Medical, etc. in Manila).

Junction-1 "Rizal Ave" "National Highway" "Retired No Way" "Dragon Fruit" "Junction-1 -2"

Junction-1 (bottom) and -2

Other Fruit Prices

Mangoes have four prices: Extra Large (XL), Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S). XL goes for P60 a kilo and a kilo is three big XLs. Pricing increment is P5, so L is 55, M is 50, and S is 45.

Papayas, likewise, have three prices: L, M, S. Small is P40 per kilo and uses the same pricing increment.

"Decline in Visits" "Retired No Way" Papaya Mango

That's a small papaya and a very large mango.

Concluding this episode of Life in Fruit Paradise is a picture of the Dragon Fruit:

"Decline in Visits" "Retired No Way" "Dragon Fruit"

The fruit is about the size of a large apple.

How to enlarge these images

Click on the image and then click on the image’s final resolution (encircled below).

"How to enlarge an image" "Retired No Way"

How to enlarge an image


4 responses to “Pitaya, the Dragon Fruit

  1. James Martinez

    I miss atis so much. I sometimes buy here the cherimoya which is almost similar to atis. It costs $5/lb and each fruit is about 1.5 lbs.


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