A gentleman’s guide to quick liaisons in Puerto. First impressions.

"Equus, along Rizal Avenue" retirednoway

Equus, along Rizal Avenue

My perspective

I’ve been covering many aspects of my new life in Palawan. My topics have ranged from dried fish to the market for marine products to how the government helps families plan their families through birth control. They have a common denominator: the stories revolve around Palawan. Well, let me cover another market–the market for commercial sex in Puerto.

Now before I continue, I must insist that you put on your mature hat. No giggling allowed. We’re all adults here. I’m not going to ask you for permission slips and by the same token, I expect you to act with a reasonable and adult frame of mind.

Top tier

By reputation, the two classiest clubs in the city are Phoenix and Equus.

Two disclaimers: I’ve been to both but only to conduct a survey. And, I’ve been living here only since April so these are first impressions.

I’ve been told that the prettiest girls are in those two clubs.

In this business, physical attractiveness counts for a lot. Sure, a girl may have a vivacious personality that men find irresistible but if she isn’t pretty, she’ll not get a chance to display it. So physical attractiveness is important.

Pretty girls make the the most money. They make it for the club and for themselves.

In some clubs, a gentleman has to pay a bar fine to take his female companion out. A bar fine refers to the notion that you need to compensate the bar or club because you’re depriving the club of the girl’s presence and the potential revenue she could bring. That sounds fair to me. It’s all about paying for her time.

Both businesses appear to be well-managed. There’s at least one visible armed guard manning their front doors.

That’s a good thing because if you’re going to patronize this type of establishment, you want your physical self to be safe, physically. After all, you’ll be in the company of other men. Competitors!


"Tourist Nightlife is concentrated in the encircled area of the city." retirednoway

Tourist Nightlife is concentrated in the encircled area of the city.

Before I proceed, let me be clear that this is a slice of the weekend nightlife in Puerto Princesa City.

Mind you, this slice does not represent our city’s entire nightlife. Quick liaisons or commercial sex is just a niche of any city’s nightlife. There are many kinds of nightlife entertainment. Partying with friends at a restaurant or celebrating a child’s graduation with family are also typical examples of nightlife entertainment.

This slice of our city’s nightlife happens to be the niche for female companionship that may or may not end in sexual gratification. Please keep that in mind. I think of this post as a gentleman’s guide to quick liaisons in Puerto Princesa City. It could be any other city for that matter.


"Phoenix (along Abrea Road)" retirednoway

Phoenix (along Abrea Road)

On the other side of that front door are about 15 spacious tables. There was a dance going on when I walked in. The dance wasn’t going smoothly. There were a lot of missed steps and missed cues. I thought they needed more practice.

I stayed for a few minutes to soak in the atmosphere. The crowd consisted mostly of young men in their 20s and 30s. The girls were okay.


"Most guests arrived in motorcycles." retirednoway

Most guests arrived in motorcycles.

I was greeted warmly at Equus. There was a hostess who met me at the front door. She walked me to a table, introduced me to two of the ladies, and encouraged me to sit down and get to know them.

What a difference that made. I definitely felt more comfortable.

There’s a stage-slash-dance floor in the middle of the room. There seemed to be more tables in Equus. Crowd demographics was similar.

Equus closes at 2 and it’s open every evening.

This is a tough job. Whether you’re a girl working there or the hostess who greeted me, those are long hours spent in dimmed lights listening to dance music. That must get old quickly, don’t you think?

Equus does not charge a bar fine! Now that’s a pleasant surprise.

They must be doing something right. It’s been around for three years. Some of their girls have college experience. That’s a plus I think.

A lady’s drink costs 250. But there’s no bar fine.

Closing remarks

That’s it! Now I hope this post brings more business to our city.

Like I said at the start, this is an adult topic and adults make their own decisions. I was respectful of the women, respectful of their work, respectful of the clubs, and respectful of the city.

It won’t do any good to lambaste me with self-righteous c**p unless it’s accompanied by a solution to the moral problems that the lambaster identified. 😉

Thank you.


12 responses to “A gentleman’s guide to quick liaisons in Puerto. First impressions.

  1. Coming to Palawan on 22nd September, really looking forward to visiting this Island, Cool blog


  2. Hi Alex we’ll be at Equus an the rest tomorrow night 02nd October


  3. so how much is the bar fine mate


  4. You can usually buy most medications without a prescription. Try any mercury drug before bothering with a doctor. You may want to have your empty prescription bottle with you.


  5. nice write up, have you ever checked out the bars in san pedro?


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