Preparing a pineapple

My fruit stand

The first time I bought a pineapple, I didn’t know you could request them (at no charge) to prepare it for you.

Several days ago I bought another one and this time I requested them to prepare it for me.

retirednoway pineapples

Fresh pineapples at the fruit stand


My pineapples are headed for the blender. I like to consume many of my fruits as a smoothie. The taste of a cold drink of fresh fruit is one of my favorite sensations. And pineapple smoothie is delicious. The taste hits me stronger than mango smoothie, for instance.

retirednoway pineapple blender

Pineapple smoothie coming up!

In that photo, the entire pineapple is inside only to make a point but you never put an intact pineapple in the blender. You slice it into medium to large shreds.

retirednoway pineapple

You slice the flesh into shreds before feeding it to the blender.

The cuts are not apparent in the photo above but there are five chunks of that half portion. The entire pineapple was cut into ten chunks.

My first two pineapples

The very first pineapple I ever carved looked like this:

retirednoway pineapple

My first pineapple

I didn’t control the knife very well as you can see! I took out about a fifth of the entire fruit. Here’s my second.

"My second pineapple" retirednoway

My second pineapple

I still wasn’t pleased. Should I continue to develop this skill or just outsource it, I asked myself.

Cutting it at the fruit stand

The expert cutter works at the fruit stand at junction-1. That’s my fruit stand.

retirednoway pineapple

The pineapple is turned to the most comfortable angle.

retirednoway pineapple

Guide the blade so it slices as close as possible to the outer skin.

retirednoway pineapple


Next, you start removing the eyes.

retirednoway pineapple

Score the cut beforehand by tracing a line that follows the eyes.

You’re glad that you didn’t cut off the crown at the start. You need something to grasp firmly and the crown’s the thing.

retirednoway pineapple

Work your way steadily.


retirednoway pineapple

Almost done.

Look at all the juice that appeared as it was being cut! Carving a pineapple is a feast for the senses.

Total time: 4 minutes (without my disturbance, probably 3 minutes)

Two good references to cutting a pineapple

This links to a good basic one. And this one is more ambitious–try carving a pineapple boat!

How to enlarge these images

Click on an image and then click again on the image’s final resolution (encircled below).

"How to enlarge an image" retirednoway

How to enlarge an image




5 responses to “Preparing a pineapple

  1. I’ll send you a video of how they cut it in Cotobato.


  2. I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you


  3. I bought a pineapple from a Trisikad Vendor in Santa Fe, Bantayan, Cebu. He immediately lopped off the ends and slid the knife in close to the inner skin, then began running the knife around the perimeter. He then began cutting a cross hatch pattern; then with the handle, pushed on the fruit, which came out in chunks. I was quite amused.


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