I’m on my way to the beach. It opens into the mouth of Puerto Princesa Bay!

It’s called Pristine and until recently I thought its name wasn’t deserved. But now I do, it’s what’s under the water around Pristine Beach that makes it earn its name.

I took my regular medication and decided to say Hello. I compute from one laptop, a MacBook.

The Mac’s Operating System is mysteriously called “X” and since the term Operating System is commonly abbreviated to OS, the name of the operating system of the MacBook is usually referred to as MacOS X or MacOSX. This is cool nerdy information. Here’s more: This was version-10 of the Macintoshes operating system (version-1 appeared on the Macintosh 128, the very first Macintosh model ever produced). So Steve Jobs himself probably was the one who decided to switch from our contemporary numbering system to its Roman numeral equivalent: version-10 = version X.

When you buy a Mac, any Mac, it’ll come with an operating system. In the Mac, it’s called MacOSX. It’s well-designed and runs well. A computer’s operating system, at a minimum, must include everything that is needed for the computer to run itself. It must be able to recognize keystrokes and then interpret any commands it receives from its user. But the Mac’s operating system includes applications for the user as well; a bonus. One of its most useful (and fun!) user applications is PhotoBooth.

Every MacBook comes with a camera. The camera’s in the middle of the top frame of the bezel, the dark border around the screen. The MacOSX, using the application called PhotoBooth, allows us, the user, to control that camera.

Enjoy, I’m off to the beach!



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