Internet connectivity in Puerto has deteriorated.

Internet connectivity in Puerto has deteriorated. Grumble, grumble.

I’ve got to report it. I was a computer network engineer for many years and this sort of thing was serious news.

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Globe Telecom. I subscribe to the only speed available: 512k Mbps. I signed up in late-April last year so I’ve been a customer for nearly a year.

I can state that connectivity was satisfactory last year but since last month–February–the level of service has deteriorated.

More to follow…


5 responses to “Internet connectivity in Puerto has deteriorated.

  1. G’day Alex– I purchased a Smart Bro broadband prepaid USB stick ,and most times internet speed is so slow as to be unusa ble—thought I’d try Globe Tattoo –result?–TOTALLY unusable!! I live here in San Manuel, so not exactly the boondocks! I dont expect any help from the ISP’s [whine,whine bleat etc…..]


  2. Hi Rick, we called those USB sticks “dongles.” In the States, they were a viable option. In Manila, they were okaaaay. Here in Puerto, as you’ve discovered and as I suspected, they’re useless. I think it’s hit-or-miss since some of my friends, who live in Bancao-Bancao, and have a wired DSL connection, also report spotty service. Sigh.

    Here’s what I know about the current wireless situation. Globe and Smart are erecting more towers in Palawan. A subcontractor who erects the actual tower and supporting structures (the containing walls, the gates, the concrete boxes) for these two telecom companies told me that Globe has about 80 and Smart has about 100 towers currently operating in Palawan. The subcontractor was in Puerto (he left the other day) to attend to more build projects. So that’s a good sign, I’d say. Let’s cross our fingers and wait!


  3. Here, by the way, is a link to a site that explains what sort of equipment is installed on cell towers:


  4. Are you using 3G or on their WiMax internet service?


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