Transition Time!

After 21 months, I left Palawan yesterday. I created reasons for returning to Palawan and one of them is my investment in a local dive shop cryptically named “Ray’s Planet.”

I have a lot of pending posts for this blog and I intend to post them. All before Christmas but I’m spending Christmas in New York City, blanketed at times in snow, quite a different situation from my life in Palawan. I wonder how it’ll feel writing about the tropics from cold Manhattan.

I’ve continued blogging at our dive shop’s website and its Facebook Page. Visit me there.


4 responses to “Transition Time!

  1. hello this is dean how was on the plane with u from manila to south korea send me a email if u like hope we can talk more


  2. Hello Sir Alex,
    Can you give me a mobile number of a suno buyer here in Palawan in Puerto Princesa city. Hope you can give me or you can post my email add. thanks,


    • I can give you the approximate location of one I know. This is a Chinese-owned trading firm. I don’t recall its name. It has a tall gate. Knock and they will open it. They buy suno, lobster, and other high-value seafoods. This trading firm is located along the narrow concrete road to where the larger fishing bancas dock. The road is near where Mabini Street merges into Abueg Road. This road is between the cemetery on the west and Badjao Seafront Restaurant on the east. I went there once to sell them suno as well. Good luck!


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