Chess isn’t boring this way.

What makes chess seem boring is its slow pace. It seems silly to watch a game where both players sit motionless for 10 minutes before one makes a move.

retirednoway, "Anand - Carlsen, 0 - 1, Grenke Chess Classic 2015, Baden-Baden, Germany"

Anand – Carlsen, 0 – 1, Grenke Chess Classic 2015, Baden-Baden, Germany (credit:

In professional tournaments, games typically last four hours. Imagine how that long that would seem if played in 10-minute increments! 🙂 While somewhat of a generalization, the official time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves. Then 30 minutes for the rest of the game. Players also receive 30 seconds for every move, starting from the first move. Wouldn’t it be fun to compress those four hours into 2-1/2 minutes? Yes, it would. Through the magic of time-lapse photography, watch two of the best players in the world brawl over the chess board. On the left, playing white, is Grandmaster (GM) Vishy Anand, an Indian in his mid-40s and former World Champion. On the right, playing black, is GM Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian in his mid-20s and the current World Champion.

The match was played in February 2015 in Round 4 of the Grenke Chess Classic in Baden-Baden, Germany. Who won this game? GM Carlsen did. And who won the tournament? GM Carlsen did as well.


One response to “Chess isn’t boring this way.

  1. futuregrandmaster

    interesting to see how fidgety anand is compared to carlsen, while carlsen let the table much more often


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