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Puerto Princesa’s historical growth

The city grew from the pier. The pier is on the west coast of the city peninsula.

History Historical Map "Puerto Princesa"

Tracing Puerto Princesa's growth...

The color blue identifies the area occupied by the settlement (circa 1900). Yellow identifies the area occupied by the city in the 1960s. Red shows where the population expanded into by 1969.

Source: Map 5-1 of the City of Puerto Princesa’s Comprehensive Land Use Program of 2000 (or CLUP).

The area shown above can be compared to this map in an earlier post. Water surrounds the west, south, and east sides of the peninsula. The distance from the west to the east is five kilometers.

The heavy marks on the map are barangay borders. There are many small barangays on the west. And there’s one large barangay on the east. That’s Bancao-Bancao, the name of the largest barangay in the peninsula. Bancao is Cuyonon for <spear> and the large area in the eastern half used to be a forest where residents hunted for boar <baboy damo>. Hunting must have been good, I said before, since they called for two spears, hence Bancao-Bancao.