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A look back to compare.

This was the vision city planners had ten years ago. I said city planners but they were speaking for the city fathers too.

"Dominant Land Use Proposal" "Puerto Princesa City" GIS CLUP

The vision of the city fathers: Dominant Land Use Proposal (map#5-6)

The map above and below came from the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of 2000.

"Urban Growth Areas" "Puerto Princesa" CLUP

Potential urban growth areas envisioned by city planners in 2000.

How did this vision compare with reality?

Not badly it seems.

Here is how the Google map of Puerto looked like in 2003. It’s the closest one to 2000 that’s available.

"Google map" "Puerto Princesa City" 2003

Google's map of PPC as of Oct 2003

Compare that to the current map–which was installed in December 2009.

"Google map" "Puerto Princesa City" 2009

Google's map of PPC as of Dec 2009

There aren’t many differences and the ones that exist, are minor. Is it safe to say that Puerto hasn’t changed much? That the city is still filling in empty spaces in its body? Yes, it looks that way.

That diagram above these two Google maps that uses color to identify the potential growth areas is still far from reality.

For one of the more distant barangays, Bgy. Mangingisda (at the south or bottom of the map), I shall contribute my story in a forthcoming post.

"Dominant Land Use Proposal" "Puerto Princesa City" GIS CLUP

The vision of the city planners: Dominant Land Use Proposal (map#5-6)

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