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Cell Phone Towers in southern Palawan: Narra, Brooke’s Point, Quezon

I enjoyed good coverage in these three municipalities.

In Narra:

Smart Cell Phone Tower Narra Palawan

Narra -- Smart Cell Tower, along the National Highway

Globe Cell Phone Tower Narra Palawan

Narra -- Globe Cell Tower along Malvar St.

In Brooke’s Point:

Smart Cell Phone Tower Brooke's Point Palawan

Brooke's Point -- Smart Cell Tower near the Pier

In Quezon:

Quezon Palawan Smart Cell Tower

Quezon -- Smart Cell Tower in the heart of town

In remote Barangay Isugod:

Bgy Isugod, Quezon, Palawan Globe Smart Cell Towers

Bgy Isugod, Quezon, Palawan -- Globe (left) & Smart Cell Towers

I brought two phones. One had a Smart SIM while the other had a Globe SIM. I was being cautious since I didn’t want to suffer a loss of coverage because of poor reception. That’s why I brought both SIMs. Fortunately, I never had to resort to one phone because of poor coverage of the other. The two competitors kept pace with each other. Their towers were always less than a kilometer apart and, typically, near the town’s center. At Brooke’s Point, for instance, Globe’s tower is located closer to the town center than Smart’s but I just can’t find the photo I took of it.

Bottom-line: You’ll survive with one SIM but considering how inexpensive SIMs and phones are, you might as well bring both.