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The Pacquiao-Mosley Fight

Boxing can be fun to watch. Especially if it’s a championship bout between a boxing icon who’s at his peak and a former champion. Sports Illustrated might think it was going to be competitive but the judges’ scores showed that it wasn’t really. At that level, it’s very much skill and Pacquiao won a unanimous decision. By much.

So from among the thousands of similar scenes, I bring you photos from De Negra Pearl in the fair city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Palawan Ice Cold Beer Dot Com

Steve and Ana run this fine establishment. How fine? Well, their website’s name provides a clue: “Palawan Ice Cold Beer Dot Com.” For the occasion, for Php 300, guests enjoyed a feast of well-prepared food. Drinks, of course, were extra.

"De Negra Pearl" Rombaromba

De Negra Pearl in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

What is Parimutuel Betting?

I just enjoy giving lectures from time to time. In this instance, it’s about trying to extract some useful lesson from the commonplace. Anyone who’s worked at an office knows about the office pool. That’s the commonplace I’m talking about.

Back in the States, the office pool was used primarily for sports. NFL this and NHL that. In this case the bar pool was on the outcome of the Pacquiao-Mosley fight.

The total pot topped out at Php 4,000. There should be exactly 80 names listed below. (If it isn’t, please submit a comment.) Eighty bets at Php 50 each is how many bets were placed. The winners get to divide the pot.

"Betting Chart" "Wagering Chart" "Bar Pool" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

The Betting Chart showed Pacquiao was the favorite.

This is an example of parimutuel betting. O, don’t click on that link. I’ll just explain it to you. Parimutuel is French for mutual betting. In parimutuel wagers, players bet on outcomes. Pacquiao wins by Decision as opposed to winning by knockout or technical knockout (TKO) in round X. Or Mosley doing the same.

There are 12 rounds. Victory can come at any round. There are only two possible winners: Pacquiao or Mosley. There are 24 possible outcomes therefore. For each round, Pacquiao may win it or Mosley does.

The victory may also come through the judges’ decision. It may be a unanimous or split decision. That’s two outcomes more for a total of 26 outcomes.

There are 26 betting squares. In perimutuel betting, all outcomes must have a player. Otherwise?

House "Pacquiao-Mosley" "Wager Chart"

Fewer people thought that Mosley was going to win. Nobody expected him to win in the first round, for example.

If Mosley won in Rounds 1 or 2, nobody wins the pot. What are we going to do then, return bets?

No. The House will take responsibility and cover those outcomes. So if Mosley won in Round 1, the House wins the pot. Sounds great except that nobody expects Mosley to win in Round 1, including the House. That outcome was not going to happen, according to the combined judgement of the crowd. So by covering it, the House was almost certainly throwing its bet worth Php 50 to everyone else by contributing to the pot.

A House is needed in Parimutuel betting to cover for any outcomes that collective wisdom dislikes. Trixie and Kiwi were our House. That’s why you see Kiwi’s name in Mosley’s Rounds 1 and 2.

"Parimutuel wagers" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

The Wager Chart, after the House (Kiwi and Trixie) covered the remaining squares.

If it’s Trixie or Kiwi alone in a box, it likely means they’re acting as the House. If there’s someone else in the box, it’s a private wager by either Trixie or Kiwi.

The House

"House" Trixie Kiwi

The House of Trixie & Kiwi

Kiwi’s real name is Paul just like mine is Alex. Trixie, I guess, is just Trixie.

The Group

I just took a second look at the arms of the House. I’d like to explain that we didn’t carry on with that intensity. It came out at random intervals. Well, let me show you the group.

Lanie Hans

Lanie, I'm sure she'll appreciate being mentioned, is a mother of three, her eldest being 15. Gorgeous, isn't she?

Lanie comes from northern Palawan. She exemplifies the intermittent bursts of energy. Notice her arms.

Rombaromba "De Negra Pearl" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

About half of the group lingered on after the fight. I left at 5!

In the foreground is Perla–Perla Carlen. She and her husband, Ulf Carlen, are developing a subdivision in nearby Ulugan Bay. (I’ll write a post about that too.)

"De Negra Pearl" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

Steve - Cooper (me) - Larry - Ulf

Larry and Ulf are seated. Larry’s a retired physician from Detroit while Ulf’s Swedish and is Perla’s husband. Their adopted son is turning one this Wednesday.

"De Negra Pearl" "Pacquiao-Mosley" "Puerto Princesa City" Palawan

We enjoyed well-prepared food.

This had to be small since I don’t have a better photo. The food came out en masse. The grilled pork was to die for. Man-sized chunks. I helped myself to more of it than what my doctor would recommend.

Rombaromba "De Negra Pearl" "Pacquiao-Mosley" 2011 May

Steve, the owner, said that Rombaromba is Cuyunin for dolphin (the porpoise, not the fish).

I’m discovering that Barangay Bancao-Bancao, where I live, has been home to many Cuyunons <cu-yu-nons, pronounced with all short vowel sounds and the accent goes on the second syllable> for a long time. The barangay seems to be named after the Cuyunon word for spear: bancao. The area used to be a forest where boar were hunted. It must have been good hunting since it’s bancao-bancao!

Rombaromba "De Negra Pearl" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

We were clustered around a small telly. Excuse me, television, but the owner is Australian.

The Telly was way small. But it’s hard out here in the province. We should take our inspiration from our Cuyunon brothers:

Bar Television "Pacquiao-Mosley"

Our small telly.

“Cuyonons live on the basics and hardly complain. They are very resourceful and have found ways to make the best of what they have like making tuba from coconut and cashew brittle their specialties.Life is slow, timeless, and the epitome of “rural living” in its simplicity, the kind that grows on people who visit the island.” According to Wikipedia and apparently written by a third-party observer.

I can imagine the TERROR!

Steve told me about his recent voyage to Puerto Galera. Along with three other, he powered his motorized 45-foot banca to Puerto Galera. It took four days and three nights. At Calavite Point (encircled), he had a most terrifying experience.

"Puerto Princesa" "Puerto Galera"

Steve's route from Puerto to Puerto. (Puerto Princesa to Puerto Galera.)

He encountered 50-knot winds. Habagat is the Pilipino term for the powerful and regular wind that comes from the west (or southwest). Amihan comes from the other side–from the east or northeast.

"Calavite Point" Mindoro "Puerto Galera"

Mt. Calavite marks the westernmost tip of Mindoro island, seventh-largest in the Philippine archipelago of 7,100 islands.

Mt. Calavite marks the westernmost tip of Mindoro island, seventh-largest in the Philippine archipelago of 7,100 islands. That narrow passage is, or belongs to, Mindoro Strait.

Because of the way the islands are laid out, the strait is shaped like a funnel. It was here that Steve’s banca survived the perils of 50-knot winds. I see four men hanging on for dear life while their banca is tossed about in 10-foot plus waves! I asked Steve and I think he said they were Habagat winds. That lasted for 24 hours.

I was in the winning box!

Pacquiao won by unanimous decision.

"Parimutuel Betting" "Pacquiao-Mosley"

The lower-left corner. An eleventh person had joined.

It was the pot of Php 4,000 divided by 11 people: Php 360 each.

Philippine Pesos Bet Wager Payout

Winner's Payout


One final photo and that’s of the affable owners: Steve and Ana. Steve’s from down under while Ana’s from Cebu.

Steve Ana "De Negra Pearl" "Puerto Princesa" Palawan

Owners and spouses, Ana & Steve.

Thanks Ana and Steve!

And, yes, check out their website. Simple but effective.