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Puerto Princesa’s Barangays

Sixty six barangays comprise Puerto Princesa City. Of those, 35 are urban barangays and 31 are rural.

What’s a barangay? It’s the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. It’s the Filipino term for a village or district. Barangays are further subdivided into smaller areas called puroks (zones). The Philippines has nearly 42,000 barangays.

How’s it pronounced? <it>

No, how’s barangay pronounced? <ba-rung-guy>

Thirty five urban barangays

PPC "Puerto Princesa" Urban Barangay Map Palawan

The 35 urban barangays of Puerto Princesa City

Thirty one rural barangays

PPC "Puerto Princesa" Rural Barangay Map Palawan

The 31 rural barangays of Puerto Princesa City

These maps came from the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) that was adopted by the city for the decade just passed (2001 to 2010).

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