Beach Wedding

The resort was full, the email said.

It turned out there was a wedding! The resort, which is on its own island, has a limited capacity and the wedding party — guests and all — took all the cottages.

The bride grew up in Sablayan, the nearest town, and the groom comes from Hamburg, in Germany. They met in Manila several years ago. Sparks flew and now they were getting married. They had actually gotten married in Europe and this was their Philippine ceremony. To top it off, it was Valentine’s Day!

Best wishes to Chris and Rhyyh!

Wedding on Valentine's Day at Pandan Island Resort, Mindoro Occidental12

Chris & Rhyyh

Pandan Resort is located in North Pandan island, off the town of Sablayan, along the western coast of Mindoro island. That speck on the lower left is Apo Reef, a world-famous diving destination.

Sablayan in Mindoro island

Sablayan (middle circle) is the jump-off point to North Pandan island.

Pandan Island Resort